I’m an engineer (Science and Technology of Telecommunication) with a Ph.D. in computer science applied to Geographical Information. I’m passionate about data, and interested in many other fields of computer science, mostly about computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning and database/big data, remote sensing.

I really enjoy working wiht people outside of computer science, such as historians, economists and political scientists.

My research work involves a PhD, a postdoc in France , and an ongoing postdoc at MIT.

My Ph.D was about inverse procedural street modelling, and was divided in roughly three parts:

  • one part to generate/edit a street model in database called StreetGen, videos using postgres/postgis.
  • one part to deal with massive point cloud in database Point Cloud Server and Implicit LOD .
  • and one optimization part to fit a street model to observations extracted from mobile mapping street images/point cloud (chap. 5 in thesis).

I also freelanced consulting and training on subjects related to my PhD.

estampille rc

I like to travel and gourmet food/drinks.

I have a strong interest in design, and I’m trying to improve my abilities to conduct design projects.

In general, I like manual activities, especially manual craft, such as leather craft and wood working, with several projects such as cutting boards , molkky , catpain bed , etc.

More generally I’m very interested in building things, both manually and digitally (graphism, 3D printing, CNC, etc.) (see my skills and my resume )

My logo logo is inspired by traditional French cabinet builder estampille (stamp).