See my CV/Resume for more details about my experiences and education, beside my research interests, publications, and consulting and training activities. I also train unformaly in Design and Woodworking.


In general I like well organized work (following Agile philosophy for instance), and I find it more effective to be conducted in person/on the phone, although all of my open source involvement was by email.

I’m used to working in projects from large (several companies, my PhD) to small team (most of my research projects), to one person project (most of my woodworking projects). I’m also used to be a freelancer (consulting and training), and as such adapting fast to my client business context.

Graphical design

I’m a strong supporter of graphical communication. I find illustrations extremely useful to communicate ideas (no artistic pretention!). As such, my thesis manuscript and other projects are full of illustrations. I like vector software (Illustrator, inkscape), pixel based software (photoshop,, and video (Premiere), although it takes such a long time to get a decent result. I use 3D software (Sketchup) only when I have to.

Research methodology

I usually solve my research problems by looking for solutions outside my research community, rather than start from scratch. As such I’m a strong open source / open data proponent. I have a rather experimental approach, I like to test an idea with real data as soon as possible. Then the solution is improved gradually, expanded, etc.

Research tools

I used extensively databases, computational geometry, image processing, machine learning and optimization in my PhD, along with traditional GIS methods. My recent PostDoc also had a significant web-based part.


I shared my PhD time between 2 academic laboratories and a company, which is already much, as such I couldn’t teach during these years. I enjoy giving talks/lectures, especially when I can rely on well illustrated slides. I was oral examiner in mathematics for two years. More recently I started a side activity of consulting and training (as a freelance). I’ve really enjoyed training, as beside the obvious, you goal is also to understand quickly your “student” working context and knowledge.

Technical skills

I have well rounded skills for computer, with good understanding of hardware, using several languages (C, C++, Python, R, SQL), working with distant server and virtual boxes, using both windows and Linux. I used ot write scripts (bash), but nowadays I tend to favor python. Git is used for all my projects, latex for all the articles.

Handicraft skills

I have some experience in designing (with several design projects) and 3D modelling. Regarding woodworking I have experience with all the major tools of a woodshop (band saw, table saw, table router, planner, etc.). I especially like hand tools such as chisel and hand planes. I’m used to restore old tools using a variety of sharpening stones (both synthetic and natural). I also follow numerical tools (3D printer, CNC), as I think they have great potential to help the manufacturing process (not printing wood, but printing template that will be used to work on wood). I see these as meta-tools.