plans and pictures for a wooden captain bed with maximal storage

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Modern captain bed



This is a re-design of captain bed in a modern fashion.

The main design ideas :

warning : the original design documents are in french, I translated the essential parts

Here is a detailed presentation of this moder captain bed project.

Introductory presentation to the modern captain bed project (French version)

3D model

A conceptual 3D model, simplified (no joinery, no handles, simplified textures, etc.)

click on 3D model to change view

Go to 3D_model for 3D model !


The design took several months as the project is mechanically complex to solve with traditionnal joinery wihtout loosing storage space. Moreover, the dissassembled bed has to be easy to move and store.

Clik on image to see other images Disassembled bed The gallery of pictures for design contains many pictures about the design step.

The most recent version of the project design dimension are :

Clik on image to see other images overal dimension


The project was built in 6 months using evenings and week ends. Overall, the project can be completed with common woodworking tools. Mixing power tool and hand tool is also possible.

clik on image to see other images hand tool The gallery contains some pictures of the build process.


Beside the 3D model, the build book contains illustrated parts, nomenclature and measurements.

clik on image to see other images gallery.


Some joins are duplicated heavily, which make them lenghty to draw on wood. We propose numerical templates to be used with router or similar tools. numerical templates


The main design advantage of this bed is the traditionnal joinery that allows full assembly / disassembly.

Pictures of assembly

As shown in the assembly galleries, assembling bed is straightforward.

clik on image to see other images assembling bed at home

clik on image to see other images assembling bed at woodshop

Moving the bed

The bed can be dissassembled into small parts, such that no part is longuer than 2 meters, larger than 40 cm, and of more than 10 cm of thickness. Furthermore, each part is light enough to be carreid by one person. Overall, the bed dissassembled easily fit into a 2m x 1m x 0.3 m space. clik on image to see other images Moving the bed