Pastry bench


After I finished the workbench, I decided to apply the same principles to create a bench dedicated to pastry making. Of course this came with its own requirements, such has being lighter, more decorated, and appropriate for cooking (food safe, easy to clean).

The solution was to keep a very stable strcture, with many places to store tools, and use a food-grade epoxy as a finish. As usual, the bench can be disassembled for storage and transport.

The bench size and height were tailored to fit my wife. For this project, I also wanted to try rustic sculpting and decoration.


Accesories for the cooking machine are easy to store. Some bas-relief sculpting ar emade in a rustic style.

Pastry bench

The drawer has an original and sturdy design, give its very large size. The metal sheet protects from wear and add a nice design touch. Because we very like to climb, the drawer handle is hidden. Two small holes underneath the drawer serve has a handle.

Pastry bench

The legs are also sculpted in a pattern that is reminiscent of some classical pastry decoration. Pastry bench

Pastry bench design

Design took a lot of time and was a collaborative effort with the future user. Designing the pastry bench in the design posts.

Pastry bench build (tutorial)

Here is a very loose tutorial, more like comments on the build really