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Here is some info for my seminar talk at the Vision&Graphics and Shape labs at Boston University.


Date : 01/24/2018 Place : Room TBD Time: 1:30 - 2:30pm

Titles: (previous work) Reconstructing Paris’ streets with procedural modelling, massive data, machine learning, GUI and optimization

(proposed project) Could we solve the furniture durability issue with procedural modelling, guided design, structural analysis and digital fabrication?


  • (5 min) Introduce myself and my former labs to give context
  • (20 min) Introduce PhD/postdoc work focusing on shared research interests with you
  • (15 min) Introduce the project of wooden procedural furniture, why it’s cool, and how this research project could fit closely the Vision& Graphics and Shape Labs people.

Graphical Abstract

Reconstructing Paris’ streets streetgen eye candy

wooden procedural furniture wooden procedural furniture abstract


Reconstructing Paris’ streets : Half of mankind now lives in cities. Streets are the medium through which these people can live together. These streets require careful management, which necessitates a city-wide coherent streets model. That’s a challenge: high geometrical precision (1cm), semantic, support of traffic simulation, and street objects … at city scale, with frequent updates. In the presented work, we leverage massive data from mobile mapping (point cloud, stereo-vision) and existing Geographical Information System databases to help fit a procedural street model to actual Paris’ streets. Yet managing this amount of data, and extracting information from it also bring its own challenges. This work draws from several research fields such as procedural modelling, massive data management, machine learning, GUI and optimization.

Durable wooden furniture : People from Italy to Egypt to Japan seem to have used furniture through the millennia. This goes on today with 700 Million people visiting the largest mass furniture maker store last year. Resources are finite, and with many billion houses, furniture needs to be durable. Wood is durable and self-renewable, yet using the appropriate material is not enough for durability. Appropriate design is also essential (functionality as well as structure and joinery). We don’t start from scratch, highly durable furniture has been hand made for centuries, but can’t be produced for the masses. How Computer-Aided Design, procedural modelling, computer graphics, mechanical analysis and digital fabrication could bring durable, tailored, dis-mountable solid wood furniture to the mass?

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  • About me
  • Reconstructing Paris’s streets
  • Wooden procedural furniture

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