Detailed maintaining

Like everything that is wooden , the cutting board fears only prolongated contact with water and/or steam! The main idea is to never let the wooden board soak in water.

Maintenance, DO and DON'T

What to do the first time you get the board:

  • generously oil it with olive oil or other edible oil, untill it is saturated (oil don’t enter the board anymore).
  • You can leave the oil on the board overnight
  • You can slightly warm the oil so it penetrates better the wood.

Once every few months :

  • put some oil on the board (light oiling) qnd let it penetrate overnight

Everyday use :

  • Clean it as you clean anything else (manually). Let water run on it from you tap, then use your usual dishwashing soap, your regular spong/scrub sponge if you want.
  • roughly wimp it to remove excess water if you can, or simply shake it once or twice
  • let it rest on the side, where the water will further evaporates.

What not to do :

  • put the cutting board in the dishwasher.
  • This is dangerous for the board, it may twist/crack, and become permanently curved.
  • Your board is not available untill the dishwasher is launched and finished.
  • And you don’t gain any time : The time to put the board in and out the dishwasher is about the same as the time for a fast sponge cleaning.
  • let the cutting board soak in water (for instance in your kitchen sink)

What you could try :

  • use your cutting board as a trivet (table mat)