Main Design choices

This board is the results of a very careful design.

This board is designed to provide maximum functionnality.

Here is a schema of board design choices and the advantages that they provides.

The design choices and advantages

vs traditional cutting board

Traditionnal cutting boards all have limitations. The board we propose overcome these limitations, at the cost of incrased required building work.

The design choices and advantages

Details and notes

100% solid wood

Wood action on bactery

Several scientific studies, such as this one found that for cutting boards, wooden is better than plastic or marble regarding bacteria.

The reason is that while marble and plastic cutting boards contains micro-grooves that are extremely difficult to clean. In the opposite,

wood cutting boards absorb and kill bacteria.

Wood rigidity

At egual weight, wood is more rigid than steel!

End grain wood

End grain is Hard !

End grain is typically 50% more resistant to impact than along the grain wood (Brinell test).

End grain is more stable

the radial deformation is about half the amount of the tangential deformation. Futhermore the change in length is negligible, therefore not compromising the board flatness.

Selected wood species

Resistance to water

All selected wood species are famous for resisting to water and age extremely well.

Local wood

Wood is mainly local (robinia, castanea), teck is from managed forest

Robinia, the main species, is not easy to find and very hard to work with.

Robinia is about 30% stiffer and about 35% harder than oak!

Efficient shape


The rectangel shapes facilitates storage in drawer, with the cutting board being on the edge


The integrated handle design is very efficient

Two sided

Having two sides is essential. One without grooves maximize surface, the other is esthetic and practical.

Advanced structure


Like reinforced concrete, the board is much stiffer and more cohesive. Board stiffness test 1 The tongues add a lot of work and complexify building a lot.


The frame is made of castanea (chestnut), which absorb well shocks, increasing the resiliency of board in case of drop Castanea has been extensively used for barrel building.

Specific glue

The Titebond 3 glue is perfect for cutting board, but very expensive (5 to 10 x more expensive that classical glue). To our knowledge, there is no “natural” glue that resists water and is edible.